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The label was launched by Lavanya Ahuja in 2018 with one main aim at its heart: evocative storytelling.

In the early years of her design journey, Lavanya worked with a couple of distinguished Indian design houses, where she was lucky enough to gain experience not only in clothing, but also got to work on exciting collaboration projects which led her to to explore and cultivate a keen interest in accessory and jewellery design.

At last she found herself drawn to occasion-wear, which, with its inherent power to evoke all kinds of sentiments from nostalgia to anticipation and delight all at once, became the means to satisfy an ever-growing need: telling mood-evoking stories that offer an escape from the humdrum of everyday life.

At Lavanya Ahuja, we have always been fascinated by the ever-changing nature of light: whether its the cool, muted light of a rainy day when the sun hides behind blue-grey clouds, the melancholic fading light at dusk, that leaves whispers of colour in its wake, or the lazy slant of late afternoon sunlight that cloaks everything in its warm glow – light is mood, and it is the starting point for all our stories.

Colour is at the heart of what we do: a fresh palette primarily made up of cool, soothing pastels that shift in tone and hue, fluctuating from warm to cool and back again as if in response to the constant movement of light.

In the short time since its inception, the label has come to be known for its ethereal, dreamy approach to occasion-wear: soft and feminine pre-draped sarees, jumpsuits, lehengas and tunic-pant sets that are accented with delicate dewy embroideries and handmade scallop details which have quickly evolved into a key feature of the brand’s aesthetic

Seasonless occasion-wear and accessories : shop pre-draped sarees, jumpsuits, lehengas, tunics, bags and more.
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